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Local councils and authorities are tasked with becoming e-Government bodies. This is. making it essential to track and report on progress to ensure targets are met and central government's dictates are achieved.

Effective Monitoring

iCapella® is helping local government bodies achieve this without additional drain on money and resources. By enabling access and integration of vital data, information can be extracted and delivered to anyone, anywhere and at any time. iCapella® can help you to build robust and secure knowledge management systems that improve efficiency, accessibility, service delivery and public perception.

iCapella® innovative and customizable alerting feature enables government bodies to closely monitor their performance against local and national key indicators, and automatically alert users when reported information shows a performance target has been breached.

Monitoring Performance
The solution enables information resources to be used more intelligently and effectively: Informing public officials, administrators, analysts and planners who have a need to know, and delivering services and public information to people and businesses that have a right to know.

iCapella® enables local government bodies to:

Be aware the moment you exceed, or dip below, performance targets to enable quick, appropriate action to be taken
Distribute information to a network of users, in real-time and in any format
Keep internal costs low by removing the headache and cost of installing and maintaining software on the desktop

iCapella®'s enterprise reporting and information management tools provide valuable insight into overall performance, ensuring that service level agreements and targets are monitored and met. iCapella® innovative alerting function ensures that product quality issues are tracked and monitored for speedy identification and resolution.

For further information on iCapella® Products and Solution, kindly contact us at info@icapella.com

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