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iCap Reporter is an easy to use report authoring tool designed with Business Users in mind. Reports can be built from any ODBC/ OLE DB compliant data source. Its wizard driven functionalities and Drag and Drop capabilities makes it very easy to LEARN and USE. iCap Reporter allows novice and experienced users to directly access corporate data resources for real-time data exploration. From the first-time user to the advanced report author, this software broadly extends the power to create reports on ad-hoc basis dipping into any operational or reporting database.

Rich User Experience - iCap Reporter 4.0 uses the latest Windows Presentation Foundation framework and provides a rich user experience. Menus are organized into logical groups as tabs. A quick access menu helps you organize your most commonly used items into one location.

Wizard driven query building - The entire query generation process is wizard driven which makes it easy for the user to generate complex queries with ease, in turn making the whole report generation less tedious. It provides support to stored procedures defined in the database thus helping you exploit your database’s competencies.

Enhanced Charting - iCap Reporter 4.0 provides a bouquet of chart types including Point, Step Line, Range, Gantt, Stock, Candle Stick, Area Stacked, Area 100, Polar Point, Polar Line, Polar Area, Radar Point, Radar Line and Radar Area. It presents the user with a powerful chart analysis window where he can change the type and appearance of chart runtime to analyze data points from different perspectives.

Formula Editor - An advanced formula editor control is built into the system for on-the-fly computation of report fields. It also provides for usage of formula that is computed based on user input values. This helps the user to see projections, forecasts etc by varying input values.

Report Parameterization - Users can define parameters which can be used to filter a report. Cascading of prompts is possible where the second prompt contains only those options related to the user picked value in the first prompt. A new type of parameters called “Threshold Alerts” is brought in the 4.0 release which will help the user define threshold conditions which when met can be used to fire alerts to intended recipients.

Drill –Downs & Sub-reports - iCapReporter4.0 can now associate multiple parameters to filter the child report contents while drilling down from a single field on the parent report to child report. Reporter provides an option to enable or disable drill-downs. You can easily set your sub-report as a chart and then further do a drilling to the parent chart.

Cross Tab Reports - This will take care of those multi-dimensional data representation requirements. Crosstab comprise of grouping rows, columns and filtering the output to achieve the desired result with ease. The user can do a summary with a single mouse click on the grouped fields irrespective of its level. It also supports multiple aggregations and summary at a time.

iCap Pivots - One of its kind to do slice and dice of data in a relational database without the need to build cubes. Doing an on-the-fly analysis of the data is always something that every user wished for. With iCap Pivots, we take you a step further than what you’ve wished for. Apart from providing a multi-dimensional perception of data, iCap Pivots empower the user to play around with his/her data in every possible way. It’s so powerful that your on-the-fly formulations can be developed into a chart of your interest in a mouse click. It can connect to multi-dimensional data models like MS-OLAP equipping the user to easily visualize the multi dimensions of cube.

For further information on iCapella® Products and Solution, kindly contact us at info@icapella.com
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