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iCap DataPrimer provides the means of delivering a user friendly meta-data layer over your complex enterprise databases for quick report building by the non-technical business users.

Custom Schema - Typical enterprise applications are not built with business users in mind. Building reports using complex database table and column names is not the cup of tea for such a user. iCap DataPrimer (iCDPrimer) comes to your rescue in such cases. It helps you build a custom schema on top of your database without touching the underlying database structure.

Custom Business Views - Report developer might be interested in just a couple of data columns and would not want to be bothered with myriad of tables and columns defined in the database. iCDPrimer helps you define a business view based on the columns of your interest and make it available to the business users for quick report building.

Interface with iCap Reporter - Create a custom schema layer with just the tables and columns of your interest and open it from iCap Reporter, thus making report building a breeze.

Custom Column Definition - You can derive custom columns from existing set of columns or even apply formula on existing columns.

Custom Relationship - Application vendors sometimes implement referential integrity via their application and hence lack relationship definitions at the database level. Report developers also face situations where they would like to define relationships that are non-existent in their current databases. iCDPrimer provides this facility to define custom relationship between tables without affecting the underlying structure.

Customized BaaN Schemas - Our BaaN expertise has translated into a custom schema for the reporting requirements of the BaaN community. BaaN users take advantage of this existing schema as well as extend it to meet their custom requirements to build user friendly reports and distribute them which otherwise would not have been possible with BaaNSchemas.

For further information on iCapella® Products and Solution, kindly contact us at info@icapella.com
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