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iCap Dashboarder (iCDboard) is a web based dashboarding utility for publishing the reports over the net to the report consumers of choice. Powerful dashboards can be designed for the decision makers to provide a snapshot of the organization’s business drivers. From a dashboard, user can then choose to drill down to more details and multiple levels of the data. The business user can then leave notes on the dashboard item for further follow-up with his team thus providing for an excellent collaboration opportunity. iCDboard provides for a highly sophisticated personalization of dashboards whereby data is rendered in a personalized way by filtering in only what is relevant to the dashboard consumer based on his login, folder/group access, reports and portions of a report not to forget read/write limitation of access which offers tremendous levels of security to the organization when implementing a web based Enterprise Reporting and Information Management solution for its

Highly Intutive User interfaces - iCap Dashboarder (iCDboard) comes with intuitive, self-explanatory user interfaces thus helping to make enterprise reporting a breeze. The functionalities are grouped under tabs, which makes it easy to navigate across features. The navigator further makes it easier to jump between the child windows within a feature.
Adding to that is the quick access menu which makes your screen/feature navigation easy when you opt to have a fuller work area.

Personal Dashboards - iCapella® provides a completely personalized web portal. Users can update and modify their portal as needs change. Users can load objects to their personal dashboard from predefined libraries of authorized report objects. This gives non technical users the ability to have immediate control of their information environment.

Configurable Scheduling Engine - iCap Dashboarder comes with a highly configurable scheduling engine to take care of your data-intensive report scheduling. Scheduling can be done at a wide varied range of time intervals that include daily, weekly, monthly, last day of the month, etc Reports can be scheduled individually or bundled into a batch. It provides a configurable archival option helping user to save the history of his scheduled reports.

Collaboration - iCap Dashboarder has been developed taking into cognizance the requirement of business users to collaborate and exchange information on any dashboard item under his consideration. User can choose to email a particular dashboard item or the entire dashboard object. For tracking purposes, the system maintains complete audit trail of the email activity. In addition to emailing, user is provided with the capability to provide offline notes on any dashboard items for comments from his peers.

Alerting & Bursting - iCap Dashboarder lets the user stay on top of his key business drivers even when he is not logged into the system via key features like alerting and bursting. Thresholds can be defined and alerts will be automatically fired when the defined threshold condition is met. This helps businesses stay competitive by extending this feature in an extranet world like for example alerting a vendor when the inventory of a particular falls below economic order quantity. Report Bursting is an advanced feature in iCDboard where the same report can be exploded into multiple reports and distributed based on the relevance of data to the report recipients and matching of defined threshold conditions.

Cross tabs & Pivots - iCap Dashboarder takes enterprise reporting to a all new level in version 4.0 by providing extensive analysis capabilities via pivots. User can now slice and dice data to obtain various perspectives of his business. The all new dashboarder provides support for MS OLAP cubes, thus enabling high end users with powerful analysis features. Multi-dimensional reporting requirements can easily be met now using cross-tab reports.

Load Balancing - With the all new iCDboard, users can take advantage of distributed processing power by using iCapella Load Balancing. It gives the user to choose a network of PCs between which he would like to share the report generation load.

For further information on iCapella® Products and Solution, kindly contact us at info@icapella.com
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