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Mitsubishi Motorsports
"iCapella® solution has provided real information control and structure across the organisation, enabling us to better manage our production process and ensure we tightly control stock levels and deliveries to meet our tough deadlines."
Colin Hill,
Mitsubishi Motorsports
Mitsubishi faced increasing costs to run, distribute and internally organize reports using its existing business reporting solution and relied heavily on its IT support function to design reports. The time spent by IT colleagues producing and running reports, and the frustration felt by end users who could not get fast, efficient access to information, also prompted Mitsubishi Motorsports to seek an alternative solution.

Find out how Mitsubishi drives tough Production Schedule with iCapella® (PDF)

MSI Limited
"iCapella® solution has enabled us to gain complete control of information across the organisation. Tracking key performance data ensures that we make better informed management decisions and continue to meet critical deadlines and customer expectations."
Neil Smith,
IT Manager, MSI Ltd
To provide access to, and analysis of, the information required by its call centre, MSl has been using its preferred reporting solution for over six years. However the company faced difficulties accessing, viewing and distributing bespoke reports due to end-user licensing requirements. In addition, increasing costs for distributing end-of-month management reports to staff - which could only be read in printed format - became a drain on resources and a burden on its IT department.

Learn how MSI tracks Critical Data and Operational Efficiency with iCapella® [PDF]

PAL International
"Ultimately we want to target the right customers with the right products at the right time. iCapella® alerting technology will help us to stay on top of situations that need swift action, such as a client account or product line falling below our expectations."
Lee Dilkes,
IT Manager, PAL International
With high emphasis placed by PAL on monitoring purchase patterns, customer spend and product performance to target client accounts in decline, it is vital that the company's 55-strong team at head offices are able to regularly track, analyse and forecast market and sales trends, and access and analyse management data at the touch of a button.

Learn how PAL International is Tracking Global sales. Product Popularity and Customer Trends with iCapella® Business Intelligence Solution [PDF]

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