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"We rely on information being up-to-date and accurate, otherwise the BI reports we generate could effectively become redundant the moment we issue them to the business. As these reports are used to make critical business decisions we can't afford to take that risk. With our existing system creating significant reporting restrictions for the team, finding a solution that would address both accessibility and accuracy issues became critical to the continued success of our operations."
Paula Ziadie,
Manager of Business at Pfizer in Memphis,

Former System inflexibility at Pfizer was affecting the availability of certain BI reports, particularly those crucial to helping streamline its business, increase efficiency and save money. And, from an operational viewpoint, multiple users simultaneously obtaining data from the New York repository was beginning to create an unacceptable drain on the server, which was threatening to impact network stability and system 'uptime.'

Find out how iCapella® Pfizer partners with iCapella® to maximize business data and realize major operational savings.

Pfizer partners with iCapella® to maximise business data and realise major oprational savings
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Sheffield Children's NHS Trust
"iCapella® will enable us to monitor our performance as we strive to deliver the highest quality patient care for children in Sheffield. Even though we are in the early stages of implementation, it is clear how invaluable this tool will become in our future development as an organisation."
Nigel Harrington,
Financial Information Analyst,
Sheffield Children's NHS Trust

As with many public healthcare providers, Sheffield Children's NHS Trust needs to ensure that critical management information is distributed both cost- and time-effectively to decision-makers across the organisation. With greater emphasis placed on reporting to achieve increased transparency and accountability, the Trust requires access to, and analysis of, management data. Financial forecasts and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are central to measuring performance and meeting targets set by Health Authorities and independent review groups.

Learn how iCapella® is Assisting Sheffield in Forecasting and KPI Monitoring to achieve increased Transparency and Accountability.

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